"It's not because others can't change that they don't, but because we are all too busy changing others, instead of ourselves." 

Self-development has been making rounds, and I dare say - has become mainstream. Unfortunately, so mainstream, that it does not seem to be fun anymore.

You either have to join a sect, read a hundred books a year or meditate for at least five hours a day.

No longer. #WeeklyAction Club is an attempt to bring the fun back and to focus on what is truly important in any attempt to grow as an individual, and that is - action.

Once a week, every week, you will receive a newsletter with a singular suggested action that you could take that week. It could ask you to find your values, break routines, or perhaps - to take a rather special kind of break that you definitely deserve.

Using examples from entrepreneurship, business, chess, martial arts, and life in general, my goal is to nudge you in many different, unique, and fun directions. Perhaps one of those will be the one you have been looking for.

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All change comes through action, and if you do the actions in this newsletter, you might just stumble upon the one that you were looking for at this very moment.

Could not hurt to try, could it? Not every action will be suitable, and you don’t have to do all of them. Check out a few to see if something stands out for you already.

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